Because sustainable can also be beautiful

Infrared heater

Check out our unique infrared panels. We have standard products and products that can be made entirely according to your wishes with your own images.

Because sustainable can also be beautiful

Infrared heater

Check out our unique infrared panels. We have standard products and products that can be made entirely according to your wishes with your own images.

Infrared heat

bring the heat into your home

Many people do not yet know the comfort of infrared heat. It is a different heat than you are used to from central heating. That takes some getting used to, but very comfortable. It’s like sitting in the sun.


Welcome to Invroheat BV, where we offer the heating of the future. Our revolutionary, patented infrared heater converts as much as 99.6% of all electricity directly into heat. This is a very efficient conversion, even compared to a heat pump. By switching to infrared heating now, you can save a lot of energy. It also feels more comfortable. Infrared heat is healthier and more pleasant.

Invroheat’s infrared panels allow you to choose an image that fits within your interior. We have a wide range of graded images or you can have your own image printed on your panel! Check out our shop soon and decide which image suits you best!

During the Corona pandemic, we moved our production sites from China to the Netherlands and Slovakia, making us even more capable of ensuring quality. Partly because of this, we have extended our warranty period to 60 months. Virtually all components are manufactured and assembled in Europe. This saves a lot of transport movements and makes our panels even greener! If you have any questions or comments after visiting our website? Please let us know!
Choose from a wide range of images or have your own image(s) applied to our unique infrared heating panels. Our panels are fully customizable to your personal needs now and in the future. Enjoy an attractive, energy-efficient and unique infrared panel.

Conventional heating

The difference between conventional and infrared heating

All conventional heating systems, such as wood, gas, pallets, oil or heat pumps, work on the principle of convection heat. Applying convection heat means heating the air in a room, which in turn heats the people and objects in the room. This principle leads to an uneven and usually uncomfortable heat distribution in the room and to high heat losses due to the constant flow of air in and out of the room.

When warm air rises, convection heat also causes low temperatures at the floor and high temperatures at the ceiling. This means that before people in the room can even get warm, the entire volume of air in the room must be heated.

Whenever a window is opened during heating, some of this warm air escapes from the room and the incoming air must be reheated. In addition, the large temperature differences between the floor and the ceiling cause air and dust swirls, which can be especially problematic for allergic or sensitive people. Heating the air further results in an uncomfortably low humidity.

infrared heater

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared heating, on the other hand, does not heat the air, but instead uses direct heat. A panel heats the walls as well as all bodies and objects in a room. The heat stored within these walls and the furniture is then evenly released. All this is a completely natural process, just like heating with a tiled stove or sunbathing.

When using an infrared heater, people in the room will get warm just a few minutes after switching on the panels, while the air will not overheat and thus become dehydrated. Nor will there be any swirls of air or dust as the heat is distributed evenly in the room.

Opening a window allows fresh air to enter without adverse effects as the heating effect is independent of air temperature and flow. Thanks to the heat emitted by the infrared heater itself and the heated objects in the room, the perceived room temperature is about 2-3 ° C warmer than when using convection heating. This means that comparatively shorter heating periods and lower target temperatures are required to achieve the same heating effect. The gentle infrared heat thus provides more comfort and lower heating costs, thanks to the faster heating effect and fewer operating hours required.

Our Invroheat heating combines all these advantages perfectly compared to conventional heating systems by using only high quality materials and ensuring that the products only meet the highest quality standards.

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First choose the product you would like to have made. Then you get to work with the image that you want to have printed on your product. You make it exactly the way you want it with our design tool. You add a background or letters and you upload your image. Ready to be produced.

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Accurate and with craftsmanship

We get to work with your image, print it and apply it to a very special patented foil. This is carefully applied by us to the product you have chosen. Finally, we pack your product safely for transport.

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“Finally found a product that not only provides wonderful warmth, but also hangs beautifully on the wall. And with my own image. And that for that money! ”

Marees van Uitert, Customer

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After the product has been carefully packed by us, we make an address sticker with the delivery services. These deliver your product to you. You can follow the status of your delivery on the basis of the track & trace code.

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