Because sustainable can also be beautiful

Invroheat infrared heating

View our unique infrared panels and posters. We have standard products and products that can be made entirely according to your wishes with your own images.

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Because sustainable can also be beautiful

Invroheat infrared heating

View our unique infrared panels and posters. We have standard products and products that can be made entirely according to your wishes with your own images.

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Welcome to the Invroheat BV website. In recent years we have worked hard on a revolutionary – patented – infrared heating. With the infrared products developed and produced by us, you can get acquainted with the heating of the future in an accessible way.

“We are the first generation to know that we are in the process of destroying our earth. We are also the last generation that can do something about it. ” This confronting observation is the inspiration for Invroheat to do something about global warming.

The heating we developed converts 99.6% of the supplied electricity directly into heat. There is no higher efficiency, not even in comparison with the central heating that is so well-known to us. By switching from conventional heating to infrared heating, we save energy and also feel more comfortable. After all, infrared heat is much healthier and more pleasant. If you have any questions or comments after viewing our website, please let us know.

Invroheat makes various products especially for you


Our unique infrared posters are rollable and easy to carry.


The specially developed foil makes it possible to roll up your image and take it with you. The poster comes with a handy Velcro fastener that allows the poster to be rolled up tightly. The poster can be used even in the caravan or in the tent. Of course the effect depends on the possible reflection of the radiation.

Ceiling panels

Infrared ceiling panels are comfortable to sit under. Especially with your image.

Ceiling panels

The ceiling panels fit perfectly into the standard suspended ceilings. Of course, all panels are basically law. However, by using our special foil, we are also able to make ceiling panels with your own images. These can be perfectly adapted to your corporate identity colors or logo. A real finishing touch for the modern meeting room or workplace. Wonderful radiant heat from above. Like sitting in the sun.

Wall panels

Wall panels with a changeable image. How unique is that? Choose yours.

Wall panels

Low power consumption: Compared to other heating solutions, an infrared heater can reduce your monthly costs by up to 60%. Our heating consumes only 650 watts per hour.
Healthy: Bring the sun into your home and experience the healthy infrared radiation. Infrared does not heat air and therefore does not extract oxygen from the room. Because the air is not constantly circulated, pollen, dust or aerosols are also not set in motion.

Own image

Your own image as a heater on the wall. Super beautiful and made for you.

Own image

Replaceable image
Due to the specially developed foil and an adhesive based on natural rubber, it is possible to replace your image. Because the foil is 125 µu (0.125 millimeters) thick, you can apply it yourself. If desired, we are also happy to do that for you.
In this way you can always adapt the panel to current events or to the style you want. Do you also create your image?

Experience it yourself, make your home beautiful with Invroheat

How does infrared heat work?

Infrared heating does not heat the air, but instead uses direct heat. An infrared panel heats the walls as well as all bodies and objects in a room. The heat stored within these walls and the furniture is then evenly released. All this is a completely natural process, just like heating with a tiled stove or sunbathing. You experience the radiant heat.

Infrared heat

bring the heat into your home

Many people do not yet know the comfort of infrared heat. It is a different heat than you are used to from central heating. That takes some getting used to, but very comfortable. It’s like sitting in the sun.

Color your room tooChoose the place you want

Choose from our favorites.

Infrared heat from posters, wall or ceiling panel.
Create your own design or choose from our images.

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Design yourself on the couch

5 Different versions.
Lots of standard images.
2 year warranty.
Free shipping.

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Choose your image

First choose the product you would like to have made. Then you get to work with the image that you want to have printed on your product. You make it exactly the way you want it with our design tool. You add a background or letters and you upload your image. Ready to be produced.

We get to work


Accurate and with craftsmanship

We get to work with your image, print it and apply it to a very special patented foil. This is carefully applied by us to the product you have chosen. Finally, we pack your product safely for transport.

Don’t just believe us, read the reviews from our customers

“Finally found a product that not only provides wonderful warmth, but also hangs beautifully on the wall. And with my own image. And that for that money! ”

Marees van Uitert, Customer

We deliver your image to your home


Well packaged & ready for transport

After the product has been carefully packed by us, we make an address sticker with the delivery services. These deliver your product to you. You can follow the status of your delivery on the basis of the track & trace code.

Made for everyone

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