Bastiaan at Dragons’ Den

With a bid of 1,000,000 euros, Roest is the absolute star of the program, with the highest bid ever.

11 May, 2020

Best offer ever

Founder and co-owner of Invroheat BV, Bastiaan Roest, successfully presented himself to the five Dragons on May 10, 2020 during the television program “Dragons’ Den”. With a bid of 1,000,000 euros, Roest is the absolute star of the program with the highest bid ever in the 19 years that the program has been broadcast.

Dragons Den is a program where entrepreneurs can pitch their idea and/or product to five captains of industry, who decide on the spot to invest and how much.

Four years ago, Bastiaan Roest started developing a light (one kilogram), very energy-efficient roll-up heating. In order to guarantee the safety of the heating system, more than two years have been invested in obtaining all necessary certificates from SGS, (world leader in the field of inspection, control and certification). In addition, the heating has an overheating thermostat and a timer so that you can never forget to switch it off: safe and up to 40% energy-saving.

You can watch the episode on NPO Start .

You can also participate in Invroheat to realize our global ambition, namely to heat households and companies in an economical and energy-efficient way. Contact us by e-mail or call Invroheat.

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