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Customizable infrared heating from Invroheat

15 April, 2021

Customizable infrared heater

The Dutch company Invroheat already sold infrared heating elements in the form of a roll-up poster, but now it also has a customizable heating panel with a size of 60 x 100 cm in its range. Ideal for decorating and heating both office and living spaces. With a consumption of 650 watts per panel, which is enough to heat a 12 m2 room, this is not only a fun, but also an energy-efficient and sustainable solution.

Managing director Bastiaan Roest (ed. see image) began developing the product several years ago. He says, “The technique is not new and was first used by the Russians in Sputnik, for which they were looking for a light, energy-efficient and efficient way to heat the cabin. Heat is generated by carbon crystals applied to a panel colliding with each other as they come under tension, creating infrared radiation that gives off heat. Infrared heating panels for wall or ceiling mounting have been on the market for some time, but a panel that you can personalize with your own image was not there yet.”

Specially developed film

Realizing something like this does not seem so difficult at first glance, but it turned out to be more difficult than expected. Bastiaan: “A panel like that gets pretty hot, so you can’t just stick any film on it. It has to stay put, it mustn’t deform and you also want a guarantee that the image won’t fade over time. For this we consulted the German company Neschen Coatings, which has developed a heat-resistant film specifically for this purpose. The foil has a thickness of 150 microns and is provided with a special adhesive layer that on the one hand has sufficient adhesive strength, but on the other hand does not stick too hard, so that the foil can be easily removed if one decides to change the image after some time.”

Other products in the pipeline as well

Invroheat also thought about the details, as the wall panels feature a removable power cord. You can remove those in the summer and then you have a nice picture frame on the wall. In the winter or mid-season, plug the cable back in and you have heating as well. There is a choice of panels with or without a thermostat. Later this year, Invroheat will also launch another product specifically designed as heating for the desk. This will consist of a personalizable A4-sized photo frame that one can place on the desk and an infrared panel that can be attached under the desktop with magnets. Both are linked together and give off pleasant warmth both above and below the desk.

Panels can be purchased through the Invroheat webshop, where an online design tool allows you to upload your own image to configure the panel. The panels are also offered through, but Invroheat is also open to collaborating with large format printing companies that want to use them to offer an additional service to their customers. Those who would like more information about Invroheat’s customizable infrared heaters can already take a look at With specific questions, please contact Andre van Remmerden via email:

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