Good evening Dragon’s My name is Bastiaan Roest, and I am here for an investment of 250,000 EURO in exchange for 10% of the shares in my company Invroheat.

FIVE years ago my central heating was replaced and I was looking for a temporary alternative. There was no cheap but beautiful heater available. My girlfriend brought a stove from Russia. Then I got the idea to combine existing techniques in decorative heating. Everyone thought it was crazy idea.

But the perseverant wins … I present you the 1st rollable decorative heater.

This heater is;
– Warm within 30 seconds
– Ultra light and portable,
– Does not require installation
– Can be used anywhere in the house
– Is energy efficient
– Completely silent
And produces healthy heat (By healthy heat I mean: does not extract CO2 from the room and does not
move pollen, ideal for allergy sufferers.)

And most importantly an excellent profit (Margin)

Naturally, I obtained a patent for the retractable heating, which was published earlier this year and has been continued in an international application.

Safety is the most important. Safety is optimally guaranteed by an intensive collaboration with SGS (SGS, with 2,600 offices and 94,000 employees, is the world leader in the field of: inspection, control, analysis and certification). The retractable heating has been provided by SGS with all mandatory safety certificates and quality marks.

In addition, we have taken a number of additional security measures. The heating is equipped with an overheating thermostat, the PET film has been replaced with Polycarbonate, it also has a timer so you can never forget to switch it off and that is also a huge profit.

Our heater is currently available in America, Canada, South-Africa, Equador and the Benelux. On Amazon in America, the heater is rewarded with 5 stars by the users.

It is my concern to you. Controlled growth is even more difficult than development. A European super-market chain is interested in selling the rollable heater in all its 10,000 European locations. This means pre-financing, additional German certification, and expansion of production capacity. I am convinced that with your network we can certainly serve this customer.

We have all experienced the transition from the clasic light bulb to LED. Infrared heat is on the eve of the same transition. Our rollable heating is an accessible product to allow the general public to get used to this new heat. 99.6% of the offered energy is directly converted into heat …. !!! Higher efficiency is not possible.

The product is ready. Until today I did everything myself. Now it is time for a professionalization. I need the € 250,000 for production optimization, but above all the realization of a worldwide sales network.

I would like to invite you to experience the new warmth. (Dragons get a heater … Turn on the heater on the wall)