Infrared panel Tropical Sunset, 800W, 915x610mm


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  • Durable – Good for the environment and wallet.
  • Fast shipping – Your own image at home within a few working days.
  • Healthy heat – Radiant heat is healthier than traditional heating.
  • 2 Year Warranty – Full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Thermostat – Available with 2 different thermostats.
Display thermostatPlug thermostatWithout thermostat
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Invroheat panels. That’s how beautiful heat can be!

Invroheat infrared panels are based on clean, infrared nanotechnology and are extremely energy efficient. Infrared heat is invisible light with a large amount of energy. When the ‘light’ hits an object, the object heats up. The heat is immediately available. Preheating is not necessary. No energy is wasted heating the air. Heating with infrared panels is fast, the Invroheat infrared panel heats up within 60 seconds and reaches maximum temperature within 2 minutes. For you, this means that when you walk into your cold room, you will experience the pleasant infrared radiation within two minutes. 99.6% of the power offered is converted directly into heat with infrared heating, while only 50% is converted into heat with electric heaters. Infrared heating is thus much more efficient than an electric heater.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
On / off modes

Plug only

Product Width

610mm, 915mm

Product height

610mm, 915mm

Product Power consumption


Product Thermostat

Display thermostat, Plug thermostat, Without thermostat

Type of product

Panel, Wall panel


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