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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a poster on any wall?2021-06-03T12:42:00+02:00

Posters belong on a stone surface.
Stories reach us that consumers are using the rollable infrared posters on wooden walls and plaster walls. However, this is not recommended, because such walls absorb the heat from the poster and at some point start to return the heat. This can cause the poster to overheat and cause scorch marks on the wood or plaster wall.
Invroheat only recommends use on a stone wall. Optionally, the poster can also be hung free of any wall, but then the effectiveness will be less great.

Where can I ask other questions?2021-02-10T15:55:34+01:00

You can send an email to: for all other questions.

Does Invroheat sponsor charities?2021-02-10T15:54:58+01:00

Yes, Invroheat sponsors Children’s Poverty Foundation and also uses labor development company Scalabor BV as part of corporate social responsibility.

Sometimes my heater gets hotter, how is that possible?2021-02-10T15:54:24+01:00

In the Netherlands, we have a 220/230Volt power grid. Sometimes overvoltages of up to 240Volt occur. This causes the panel to get hotter at times. Overvoltage is often caused by wind turbines and solar panels.

Can I cover the panel?2021-02-10T15:53:29+01:00

No, covering the panel will make it too hot and may cause a fire.

Can I use the panel to heat my bed?2021-02-10T15:50:34+01:00

No, it is strictly forbidden to heat a bed with the panel.

Can I use the panel to dry laundry/clothes?2021-02-10T15:49:50+01:00

No, it is strictly forbidden to dry laundry or clothes with the panel.

Can you control multiple panels with 1 remote control?2021-02-10T15:48:06+01:00

If you buy multiple heating panels with thermostat, you can control all of these heating panels with 1 remote control.

Can you turn heating panels up or down?2021-02-10T15:47:13+01:00

You can set the heating panel with thermostat to a higher or lower temperature.

What is the difference between a panel with and without a thermostat?2021-02-10T15:46:27+01:00

A heating panel with thermostat can be turned on or off with a remote control and has 38 different settings that allow you to adjust the heat of the heating panel. A panel without a thermostat has an on/off button and is not otherwise adjustable.

You supply the panel with 4 screws, why can’t I hang the panel with 2 screws, the panel is not that heavy?2021-02-10T15:45:18+01:00

The European Commission requires that each heating panel be suspended from four points. No CE certification is issued with two screws.

How do I make sure the panel hangs straight with the 4 screws?2021-02-10T15:44:37+01:00

A so-called mounting plate, i.e. mounting template made of paper, is included. You stick these temporarily on the wall and drill a hole at the 4 places on the mold where the screws should go. The mold can be used for both horizontal and vertical suspension.

Is a special hanging system needed?2021-02-10T15:43:50+01:00

No special hanging system is required. When you purchase the heating panel, you will find all the necessary mounting hardware in the box. All you need is a drill and a screwdriver.

Can I hang the panel both horizontally and vertically?2021-02-10T15:43:00+01:00

On the back of the panel are 2 mounting bars that allow the panel to be hung both horizontally and vertically. Of course, some of this also depends on the image used. By the way, this can always be replaced.

There are some air bubbles under the film, how can I remove them?2022-11-30T12:03:56+01:00

Sometimes the bubbles go away after the panel has been on for some time. If this is not the case, while the panel is still somewhat warm, you can try using the blue scraper provided to remove the air bubble by gently going over the air bubble with the scraper. You may also want to try pulling the film slightly loose and then reapplying the film with the scraper.

Do the images/pictures have to be of a special format ?2021-02-10T15:39:42+01:00

You will get the best results if you choose a high-resolution image (for example, 5000 x 3000 pixels). The upload module also signals when you are working with images/photos with too low a resolution. You can then use the photo on the panel but the result may be disappointing. If you do not have a suitable photo at a high resolution then you can also create a nice photo collage, where the different photos can then have a lower resolution.

How long will it take for me to receive the panel with my own image?2021-02-10T15:38:49+01:00

After processing your image in the upload module and payment for the heating panel, it will take approximately 5 business days for you to receive the panel. You will receive a track & trace code for tracking the status of your panel’s shipment.

What do I do with the old image?2021-02-10T15:38:11+01:00

You can discard the old panel image in the bulk trash in the recycle garbage can.

Can I place multiple images on 1 heating panel?2021-02-10T15:36:21+01:00

You can use the upload module on the website to place multiple images/photos on the panel. For example, if you have images with a somewhat lower resolution, then a collage of images/photos is quite possible.

How do I get my image to print on the panel?2021-02-10T15:34:09+01:00

On the website, the products where a custom image/photo can be added include a so-called upload module. In addition, you can add text, backgrounds and figures in this module. After preparing the complete design, you can confirm the order and the system will check if the resolution will be good enough for the desired print. Then you can finalize and checkout. Once this is completed, your design will be loaded into our system for processing.

How hot does a heating panel get?2021-02-10T15:32:22+01:00

A heating panel becomes about 100 degrees Celsius.

How many panels can I connect to a (16Amp) free group?2021-02-10T15:31:33+01:00

Maximum 6. However, we recommend connecting a maximum of 5 panels to a free group.

How many m2 does a panel heat?2023-02-02T18:04:31+01:00

The 400W heating panel heats approximately 8m2. The 650W panel heats approximately 13m2. The 800W heating panel heats approximately 16m2. The basic assumption for infrared heating (obviously under normal conditions and at a normal room height) is that 50W heats approximately 1m2.

Is a grounded outlet required for the panel?2021-02-10T15:29:31+01:00

In principle, no grounded outlet is needed for the panel, but for best safety, it is better to use one.

How much power does the panel consume per hour?2023-02-02T18:03:36+01:00

The panel consumes 400W, 650W or 800W per hour depending on the version you have. With the current wildly fluctuating cost of electricity, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cost for this.

What is the capacity of the heating panels?2021-02-10T15:27:31+01:00

The output of the heating panels is 650W. Each 50W heats about 1m2, so with this 650W you can heat about 13m2 (depending on the insulation of the room, of course).

How many infrared heaters has Invroheat already sold?2021-02-10T15:25:04+01:00

We have more than 30,000 satisfied users (01/01/2021).

Can I get a VAT invoice?2021-02-10T15:24:28+01:00

Yes, if you send us an email with the company details and your VAT number we will send you a VAT invoice (again).

Are the panels inspected?2021-02-10T15:22:57+01:00

Yes, all Invroheat products are tested, certified and patented. You can view and download these certificates on our website.

Where are the panels made?2021-02-10T15:21:48+01:00

The design was made in the Netherlands, then the product was manufactured in China and assembled and printed in Breda (NL).

What kind of glue is used in the picture?2021-02-10T15:21:00+01:00

Our glue is made from water-based natural rubber.

What ink will my image be printed with?2021-02-10T15:19:59+01:00

We use a water-based latex ink.

How many years of warranty is there on the heating panel?2021-02-10T15:19:01+01:00

There is a 2-year warranty on the heating panel.

How long is the heating panel cord?2021-02-10T15:17:18+01:00

The cable of the heating panel is 1 meter and 60 centimeters long.

Can you remove the blue foil on the back of the panel?2021-02-10T15:16:15+01:00

You do not have to remove the blue foil on the back before hanging the panel. The foil is heat resistant. The instruction stickers will also remain in place in this way.

Are there different sizes of the panel available?2021-03-19T12:11:17+01:00

There is currently 1 size of the panel (100 x 60cm) that can be used both horizontally and vertically.

I want to heat my house with infrared, are there subsidy options?2021-03-19T12:10:20+01:00

In general, the installation of infrared heating is not covered by municipal subsidy schemes. However, this can differ from municipality to municipality. It is therefore best to check this with your municipality.

How long does it take for the panel to generate heat?2021-03-19T12:10:00+01:00

It only takes 30 seconds for the heating pad to heat up and after about 2 minutes the heating pad is up to temperature.

Can the infrared heating panel be hung on any kind of wall?2021-03-19T12:09:07+01:00

You will experience the best result in terms of heat if the panel is hung against a stone wall so that the heat at the front AND at the back yields the best results. The result is slightly less on a wooden wall than on a stone wall (and there is a risk of discoloration of the wood). DO NOT hang the panel against a mirror or a window.

Does my computer / piano etc. also become warm due to the infrared radiation?2021-03-19T12:08:18+01:00

Objects near the heating panel will become slightly warmer.

Where can I use the heating panel?2021-02-10T14:56:09+01:00

You can use the heating panel in several ways. The most common application is against a stone wall. However, you can also hang the panel against a wooden wall. In that case, however, there is a possibility that the wood will discolour due to the heat of the infrared radiation. It is strongly discouraged to hang the panel in a vacuum, as well as against a mirror or a window. The panel will then function less well or hardly at all.

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